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Top: Fringe. Season 2, episode 19, “The Man From the Other Side.”
Bottom: LOST. A deleted scene from “Exodus, Part 2,” in which Claire and the Oceanic 815 pilot (Greg Grunberg) chat in the airport before the flight takes off.

The Fringe scene takes place in Walter’s lab at Harvard, and they realize that the previous night, a TV signal from the alternate universe briefly came across the airwaves of their universe. This brief signal contains a quick shot of this deleted scene from LOST.

This suggests that when LOST aired in the alternate universe, the deleted scenes were included. You’ll also notice that the two shots contain one minor difference; in the alternate universe, the pilot has his coffee in his left hand, but carries it in his right hand in the deleted scene, so I guess they went with a different take of the scene in the alternate universe.

Shoutout to Ben for finding this!

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